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It was in the summer of 1980 when 3 young men, all from diverse fields, starkly different personalities, parallel running ideals met and an idea took germ.

So, 1 taxation lawyer, 1 engineer cum agriculturist and 1 young businessman, 3 individuals with contrasting dynamics came together to take a step towards transforming not only their lives but also those of tens of thousands of farmers, villagers, daily wage earners and engineers et al.

It was not easy, It was at times formidable, Even at the brink of collapse at various points of time But they had chosen a path of Passion, Dedication and Honesty and that's how a small manufacturing unit producing 7 tons per day of Kraft paper has emerged today as professionally run 400 TPD paper farm of writing -printing & Kraft range of products. Sharing a joy and success of our humble achievements to the unflinching support of 1500 members of Ruchira family, our staff, our dealers !

Today, Indian paper industry is one of the underestimated industries because India's per capita consumption of paper is just about 9 kgs. Whereas it is 337 kg in North America, 110 kg in Europe and 42 kgs in China.

The Indian paper industry is projected to grow tremendously on account of increasing literacy levels, higher government spending on education, booming retail sector, growth in print media and changing urban lifestyles. Despite the technological revolution leading to increased computerization of operations, paper still holds on to its existence and has become an essential commodity.

Ruchira papers is actively involved in integrating earth friendly practices at every stage of the production cycle. Our materials come from the Earth. Locally sourced agricultural waste from sugarcane (Bagasse ), Wheat Straw (which used to be earlier burnt by farmers) and Wild grass create the fibers of our paper. Our plant is equipped with modern power and water conserving features and is proud of being one of the lowest water consumption unit.

We hold integrity, respect , and appreciation for our surroundings at our core while valuing the pursuit of in compromised quality. From our lands to your hands - We deliver a rich, bountiful range of papers suitable for your printing, stationery and packaging needs.