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We would like to start by saying that since the inception of Company in 1983, we have followed all the guidelines and regulations of Environment law. In 2008 we started our Conventional Chemical Recovery Plant to recycle all the Black liquor (main pollution creating substance in Pulp and Paper Industry) generated inour Pulping Process as a spent liquor from cooking of Raw-Materials.

Environmental issues are the major concern for survival of the any pulp and paper industry. Any expansion or green field project must be based on environmental friendly technologies. In present market where awareness towards the environmental protection is increasing day by day, viability of any environmental friendly concept is more.

Our Plant is also based on environmental friendly concept, care has been taken in every section to eliminate /reduce the pollution at generation points itself. Chemical recovery System takes care of black liquor from both the pulp mills.

Paper with lowest carbon footprint

  • Raw material (Agriculture Waste) is cooked in digester using caustic for making pulp. Spent liquor generated known as black liquor processed in chemical recovery plant to produce caustic which is again used in cooking raw material. Energy generated as steam is used in process. Pulp produced is converted into paper on paper machine.

    Paper machine back water recycled through save-all in pulp mill.

  • Coal is replaced by,upla, pith, leaf cutting & rice husk. Which are used as fuel in the boiler for making steam to conserve natural resource.

    Paper is made only from agriculture waste and waste paper that means we are conserving forest that helps in making clean environment.

Measures taken to reduce water consumption
and reduce effluent load

A save-all has been installed to treat machine back water which is being used in Pulp Mill and stock preparation while underflow
sludge as fiber is being re-used at Paper Machine.

Old showers have been replaced by new H.P. Showers of 0.65 MM dia and low pressure showers of 1.0 MM dia at paper machines
to reduce water consumption.

Paper machine condensate is re-circulated in boiler house for steam generation.


We have adopted C/D, EOP, D, Bleaching sequence in which filtrate of D is consumed in proceeding Washers of EOP and C/D
which is not possible in Hypo Bleaching. Continuous Digester System has been installed for Cooking with minimum energy wastage.
Foul Condensate of Recovery Plant is used in Unbleach Pulp washing to further reduce the Water Consumption
and hence effluent generation.


Any spillage of Black Liquor is collected in Pit and recirculated back in the System. Foul Condensate is used in Pulp Mill.